We offer individual or group coaching sessions for adults and juniors.  Newcomers welcomed.


The Ladies have coaching sessions twice a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (school term times only).  We are coached in pre-arranged groups of a maximum of 8 spread over 2 courts.  Coaching sessions last for an hour and are paid for per session.

After a brief warm up, we may spend some time on, for example, serving, approach shots, honing our volleying skills,  lining up some smashes or getting some tips on Doubles tactics, depending on what our Coach has in store for us that day.

It’s always fun, with plenty to take away to practice in the course of play!

If you’re a member of our Club and would like to join the Ladies’ Coaching list, please contact Michele on her email.

Our visiting coaches are: Caroline Matthews, Emily Quin and Nigel Matthews, providing weekday sessions for the ladies.

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Fridays 10:30 until 11:30


Fridays 09:30 until 10:30