Champagne Hebrart - Rose 1er Cru NV 75cl Bottle

£ 33.20
Marc Hebrart and his wife started making Champagne in 1963, adding to the land little by little due to the high price of land in Champagne. In 1983, their son Jean-Paul started his own small production. In 1997 the family created E.A.R.L. Champagne Hebrart by merging the two enterprises together, making Jean-Paul the director of the company. Light salmon rose colour, biscuit and brioche dominating on the nose. This rose has complex aromas of red fruit, particularly strawberry and raspberry flavours thought for a long flavoursome finish. A rich and elegant style to accompany any meal. This delicious Champagne should be chilled, not iced and is perfect for celebrating great occasions.

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