Forest Distillery - Forest Whisky Blend No.8 70cl Bottle

£ 54.49
On the nose, blend 8 has sweet citrus notes, moving onto toffee apple and apricot with fruity dark chocolate notes lingering. On the palate, it has a burst of sweet spice, complimented by charred oak mirroring the sweet citrus nose with a medium dry finish. The Forest Distillery have blended some really interesting Malt whisky here. All malt, all aged 8 years and above. They have then taken that blend and finished it in second fill Oloroso casks (50 year old wood) at the distillery for a further 12 months. This has now been bottled at 47% in 700ml porcelain bottles using spring water. The bottles are polished black porcelain with a papercut by the artist Georgia Low glazed with real gold.

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